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A documentary about how people are reacting to sustainability and which is their plans to improve the planet. An artistic, sweet and light film that deals with sustainability, people and planet change, while talking about dreams and showing the vision of the world under the eyes of children
The aim of the project is to create a documentary that will reach all ages, a family friendly that will become a documentary with consistent content and at the same time light entertainment, offered by the sweetness of children, but with the seriousness that the subject requires.
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Dp video solution, the company that created the project, is a company run by Brazilian filmmakers, Silvia Syl and Willian Bonato, both with over 15 years of experience in films, videos and TV. The company has been established in Portugal since 2016 with great excellence and recognition for their work.


The project is also a co-production with the Danish company sustainary, directed by Human Shojaee, a specialist in the development of major global sustainability projects.

The Producers
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Earth little hands 4.png
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Meet the Family
The Bonato family will be the protagonist of our documentary. The filmmakers, Silvia and Willian, the Parents, will also be the directors of the documentary.
The 3 fases of Production
The first phase, pre-production of the film, is already underway. On the side, it is possible to see some cases of sustainability that the family is intended to visit and get to know the characters better.
The forecast for the second phase of the documentary, the filming phase, is scheduled to start still in 2021 and the release is scheduled for 2022.
A little bit more...
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There are several ways to help the realization of our project, one of them is by making a spontaneous donation through the donation button on your left side, which will take you directly to our paypal account. All spontaneous donors, individuals or companies, will be included in the film credits, unless otherwise requested by e-mail. The second way is by being a supporter (meeting the documentary's needs) or being a project sponsor (through sponsorship quotas) and benefiting from our dissemination contributions, as stated in the text above, in this case, contact our production through the button to your right side.
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